Welcome to Safe and Connected Therapy, LLC!

I am so happy to see you here.  I do my very best to provide a warm and welcoming space to help your child and your family find strategies that work.  I believe in working as a team to find strategies that will benefit both your child and your family.  I typically find that most children struggle with how to express their feelings.  I teach them not only how to express them appropriately, but also how to feel like they are in charge so they can manage them.  I work with you all to use language and strategies that will support your child in learning these new skills.  Children learn best through modeling and practice so we work on incorporating those into your daily routine.  I also find that there is a lot of negative self-talk and thinking.  We work together on how to shift those thoughts which influence our perception, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Please take a look around and see if you feel like I could be helpful to your family!

Wishing you well,