Heather is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of Safe and Connected Therapy LLC.  Heather studied Psychology and Human Development and received her Bachelor’s of Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  She went on to complete her Master’s of Social Work at George Mason University.  During this time she gained internship experience through the local Head Start program serving preschoolers and their families and a therapeutic foster care program.

Heather has a strong passion for working with children ages 3 to 14.  She has focused her career on helping children and families struggling with behavioral concerns and emotional dysregulation. She has worked in a variety of settings including the local school system and an inpatient facility for children and adolescents.  Over the past several years, Heather has had the opportunity to work with both young children and adolescents helping them to find effective coping strategies and make positive changes.  The most valuable piece of information she learned during this time was how important it was for the family to be involved in the process.  Working together as team created the most positive success for the child and/or adolescent.

Heather is an advocate for Conscious Discipline®, which she has been implementing in her own life and sharing with clients for the past three years.  Heather is passionate about the premise that every person needs to feel safe and connected to be their best self.  She believes in helping each client find this and ensure they are able to learn effective coping strategies and implement them in their daily lives.

Her approach is strengths-based and child-centered.  She utilizes a mixture of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Conscious Discipline® skills, and play therapy techniques during her sessions.  Heather enjoys working with families to implement strategies at home to decrease power struggles and increase connection. She believes when we work together as a team we are able to create the best success for your child.