I offer individual psychotherapy in 50-minute sessions.  I typically spend the first 3-4 sessions getting to know your child, establishing rapport, and building the therapeutic relationship.  The therapeutic relationship is imperative to establish prior to doing “the work.”  During these sessions I also give my clients the opportunity to experience different forms of play therapy: talking while engaging in games or play, sand tray therapy, art therapy exercises, or just talk therapy.  While your child is getting to experience these different techniques to let me know how they feel about them, I am also assessing what techniques your child seems most comfortable engaging in and sharing information during.  After this period, I continue to use a client-centered approach, meaning if I have a planned a sand or an art activity and your child comes to the session with a lot they would like to discuss or an urge to play a game, we will focus the session on what your child’s needs are in that moment.  I incorporate family sessions as needed depending on your child’s needs.  I include parents during the end of the session to check-in, discuss progress, and share strategies or interventions that we are focusing on so you can support your child.